Pastoral Prayer on Grief


Poem (and photo) by Melinda Bruno-Smith


I feel the loss, as you do.

My heart aches for something to hold on to

Comfort to ease the pain, the fear of not knowing.


It’s like a raft has pushed away

from the shore of my knowing

With me on it

And you are there too, six feet apart.


We are floating to a distant land,

alone and together.

What can I bring that is useful?


This letting go of what I have grown used to

Is so hard

There is an empty space now

that has taken its place

The center is dark, quiet, peaceful

All action suspended,  intensified.


What shall I let in to heal?

Light, music, beauty,

A smile, a virtual hug,

A prayer to carry me through to the next place.


I must have faith and trust

that the universe will provide me

with everything I need

for a safe and guided journey

Wherever the final strand may be.


I have no choice

but to be present to myself and

to all those around me,

To breathe deeply

Because I believe, the choices I make now

will be there to greet me at the next shore.


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