We have each other

And that is how we met today, via Zoom. I snapped this picture while waiting for our friends to sign in. It was raining, and it was raining sad news. But talking to my dear people made me feel good today.

I have a friend who doesn’t like taking pictures. He insists that if we do, we won’t remember things the way we should. So I squinted really, really hard so I could sear each of their faces in my mind and never forget.

How wonderful it was to see such faces, some teary-eyed, some sobered, some hopeful, and see that they are okay. How much I needed to hear their voices, cheerful at times, uncertain at others, while we discussed this worldwide chaos and fiction and movies and life.

I always lived in the now since I was a little girl, not interested in saving money or making intricate plans, as for some reason I could never grasp the idea that there will be a tomorrow. Who says there will? There certainly should, I thought, but I could not control that. So I went on, trying to live each day to the fullest, and dreaming, yes, and hoping, yes, that there will be a tomorrow.

Today it is raining downward, upward, inside out and upside down. But we are still here, and we have one another.

Let’s stay dry and wait for the warming sun to come out.


~ Daniela Caride



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