Shiny Shadow

(A poem by Daniela Caride)


I got this little dog


He is regarded for his spots

And ignored for his heritage


Not everyone enjoys a mutt

But the ones who do — gentle souls

They relish in the opportunity

To guess his many breeds


This little dog

Asks for very little


He chases flies and fluttering leaves

Plays with plastic cups and bottles

I bet he’d play with cans too

If I’d let him be


He’d eat paper for lunch

And paper for dinner


Even newly born, hungry

And alone in the streets

Of a little town in Texas

He managed to live


This little dog

Utterly smart he is


He avoids moving cars

But hides under them

While their engines don’t start

To him, a solid roof


This little dog

Is no simple creature


Despite manifold horrors

He may have been through

During his six months of life

He is still appreciative



Eager to please

This little dog is


If I smile he smiles

Pearly teeth and tongue out

Pulling his ears back

He looks at me day and night


Happy and at peace

This little dog is


If I move he moves

If I stop he stops

If I breathe he breathes

Like a shadow that shines



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