We Walk


A poem by Daniela Caride


The wind scrapes off particles of our younger selves

Great masses of air dislocate our pasts

Take away our cells

The rain washes off our warmth and ease

Relentless showers of cold water

Pound as our bones freeze


But we walk

Together we walk


Sometimes the sun comes to dry our clothes off

We straighten our shoulders

we try harder

However as we move further it doesn’t matter

We become another

Little by little we scatter


And we walk

Together we walk


We witness the wind sending our dusts astray

And the rain — ah, the rain

What are we supposed to say

As we see ourselves washing away


But we walk

Together we walk


What is left of us

The ghostly powder of us

The ghastly whispers of us

We walk


(To Frieda)


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