Morning Coffee


By Daniela Caride


Morning came

And awoke the crazy man screaming in my ears

He’s trapped in my skull

He wants to come out

Commit suicide by swimming out

through slow silent tears


In the kitchen

I look out the window

The chickadees and titmouses get the last of the seeds

in the dried flowers outside in the yard

Leaves sway down yellow and brown

The turtle swims towards the food I throw in the aquarium

And the man is mad

He bangs and bangs on my head

And yells a big endless aaaahhh

at the top of his lungs

There is no end to his agony

He is trapped


I press the button

The coffee machine buzzes homey plasticky sounds

While dark coffee pours down

And the man

the man shouts and shouts

while I quietly watch the fruit flies

hover around


I smell my black syrupy coffee

like an Italian connoisseur and look out

The sun is hiding behind dusty clouds

and the man bangs with his red fists on the back of my eyes

He pounds and pounds

And with a screech he crowns

ready for the next burst of howls


I slowly bring the coffee to my mouth

The mud is warm and bitter

But no bitterness beats this mad man’s

who bangs his head

onto the walls of my head

And wails in pain

In despair

To come out

4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

    1. Hi Debbie, so good to hear from you!! Yes, sure! Let’s talk about it on Friday at our Literary meeting. Are you coming? I am looking forward to seeing you and everyone else.

    1. Indeed, Starr. Totally agree. They are such an effective way to pour out unwanted feelings and also think about them. Pause and really look at them. Digest them. Then, let them go.

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