The Giant Moon


By Daniela Caride


Before we could even see her

The giant Moon swept the slippery tides

Of your sinking sickly self

And took you


Darkness unrolled roaring grey rugs

Over a timid turquoise Sky

Enveloping a vaporizing Earth

To snatch you


But stealth and stark

The giant Moon cleared crusty curtains

Taking on the tides of steam and thunder

To shield you


In an instant

The Moon devoured the dampening dark

Revealing a ravenous radiance

To welcome you


Bigger, brighter than in 1948

The ridiculously romantic Moon

Only lurked so close for fate

To fetch you


So fly

Fly my love

My life

Be bright

Be light

Be all you might

This is not a goodbye



So fly

Fly my love

I’ll look up

Every night

And delight

In your glittery profile

Even from the lowest of tides

And smile


(To Frieda)



3 thoughts on “The Giant Moon

    1. Thank you, Starr. I just couldn’t stop looking at the skies being swallowed by enormous dark gray clouds today when I was driving back from the vet. And thinking of the proximity of the moon and Frieda…. Wow. It all came together like a revelation to me. I feel poetry writes itself sometimes. Later I went outside and saw the moon breaking through the clouds. Then I knew light would prevail.

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