The first woman to run for president


Hillary Clinton may become the first female president of the United States. But she is far from being the first woman to present her candidacy for such a job. That title goes to Virginia Woodhull, an eccentric lady who saw a bit of everything in life except dullness.

Woodhull built a life for herself out of extreme poverty, neglect and abuse, used all her resources to overcome her terrible odds, and even centered her presidential campaign on women’s rights at a time in which women weren’t even allowed to vote. (She thought to change that too.)

She was generally despised and ridiculed for her ideas and methods, but it’s hard to forget someone like her.

If you want to know about this incredible woman who broke all the rules to fight for for a better life for her and all women, take a peek at this article:

The Strange Tale of the First Woman to Run for President


~ Daniela Caride

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