My cup of tea



(A poem by Daniela Caride)

I love you little teacup
So broken
So crumbled
My dear vessel of pain

Shards puncture my fingertips
As I struggle to put you back
Together again

I can’t help myself
I love you
Ugly little shattered thing
Cold hard thing
No one wants

I may even pity you
No, I do
And I pity myself for loving you
Up front

I regret all my feelings
Ugly little thing
That hurts me
And hurts me
Whenever I advance

And worse
I hate myself for wanting to fix you
I should have crushed you
And again
When I had a chance

But the shards carved
Unpredictable angles
A hypnotizing tangle
On your rim

And as you splinter
Your unplanned
Dangerous nature
Makes you look more
Dire and grim

All smashed and crumbled and complex
You make me love you even more

Such beautiful thing you are
This twisted little cup I adore

I remember all the times I touched your lip
And all the times you made me bleed

And all the times you killed my thirst
And all the times we burst

And I remember all the times I tried to curb
My pathetic addiction for a teacup


2 thoughts on “My cup of tea

  1. Lovely poem Daniela— rich,deep and dark like the tea it once contained, and the soul the poem expresses.
    Image is the perfect visual accompaniment.

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