March 12: Henry Hoover’s book signing

On March 12, 2016, from 3-5pm, sibling authors Lucretia Hoover Giese and Henry B. Hoover Jr. will be at the Lincoln Library presenting a talk on architect Henry Hoover and autographing their recent book “Breaking Ground: Henry B. Hoover New England Modern Architect.”

This beautifully illustrated book chronicles the life and work of New England-based modern architect Henry Hoover, who built many homes in Lincoln.

Hoover’s practice demonstrates how he used, transformed, and individualized prevailing Beaux-Arts architectural training of the 1920’s to achieve a modern residential architecture informed by the normative Bauhaus-driven idea of modern architecture.

Have you been to Gropius House in Lincoln? It would totally be worth a visit before checking out this event!

This library lecture promises to be a very interesting one for anyone who loves architecture, history or the town of Lincoln. Also, Lucretia and Harry are lovely people, and I thoroughly enjoyed briefly talking to them when I bought my copy of the book at a recent event on Lincoln authors.

See you then!

~ Daniela Caride

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