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I am one proud Harvardian. I remember when I arrived in the United States, getting into marriage and leaving behind my job, friends, family — almost everything I knew. Martin and I settled right into our new home in Cambridge and I decided I needed to study journalism here. I wanted to get acquainted with the American market, expand my possibilities and continue my career as a writer in this new country.

I told Martin I was going to sign up for community college, and somehow that conversation ended with me applying for Harvard. “You can do this,” said Martin. What a wild idea, I thought at the time!

Long story short, I did apply. I took the exams, got accepted and finished it in four long years. That was by far the most difficult course I ever took in my life. I have a masters in environmental sciences from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and that felt like kindergarten when I started taking classes at Harvard.

The course in Brazil was extraordinary and highly regarded. The problem is in Brazil, teachers teach in the classroom and you take assignments home. At Harvard, you learn at home, and you go to class to discuss what you learned and be examined. I cannot tell you how much I missed being coddled!

Good news is Harvard is as open to helping people improve as it is tough to get through. And I just found out that this magnificent institution is offering courses online, for free, in various subjects. I was thrilled that many of them are about scrolls, poetry and books from the 17th, 18th and 19th century. There’s courses about medieval books as well.

So, here I am again, navigating the richness of Harvard. I just signed up for my first online course, “The History of the Book in the 17th and 18th Century Europe”. Exciting huh? Very! And I hope you’ll join me. Browse the list of courses by clicking here and let’s have fun learning about books and what they say!

~~ Daniela Caride

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